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yuv_buffer Struct Reference

#include <theora.h>

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Detailed Description

A YUV buffer for passing uncompressed frames to and from the codec. This holds a Y'CbCr frame in planar format. The CbCr planes can be subsampled and have their own separate dimensions and row stride offsets. Note that the strides may be negative in some configurations. For theora the width and height of the largest plane must be a multiple of 16. The actual meaningful picture size and offset are stored in the theora_info structure; frames returned by the decoder my been to be cropped for display. All samples are 8 bits.

Definition at line 60 of file theora.h.

Public Attributes

unsigned char * u
int uv_height
int uv_stride
int uv_width
unsigned char * v
unsigned char * y
int y_height
int y_stride
int y_width

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