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Public Attributes

CP_INSTANCE Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

ogg_int32_t BaseLineFrameTargetRate
ogg_uint32_t bit_pattern
double BitRateCapFactor
unsigned char bits_so_far
unsigned char * BlockCodedFlags
double BpbCorrectionFactor
ogg_int64_t CarryOver
CONFIG_TYPE2 Configuration
unsigned char * ConvDestBuffer
ogg_int64_t CurrentFrame
unsigned char * DataOutputBuffer
ogg_int16_t * DCT_codes
ogg_int16_t * DCTDataBuffer
int DecoderErrorCode
int doneflag
ogg_int32_t DropCount
int DropFrameCandidate
ogg_int32_t DropFrameTriggerBytes
ogg_uint32_t ExhaustiveSearchThresh
unsigned char * extra_fragments
ogg_uint32_t FinalPassLastPos
ogg_int32_t FixedQ
ogg_uint32_t FourMvChangeFactor
ogg_uint32_t FourMVThreshold
ogg_uint32_t * FragmentLastQ
ogg_uint32_t * FragTokenCounts
unsigned char * FragTokens
ogg_int32_t frame_target_rate
ogg_uint32_t FrameBitCount
ogg_uint32_t FrameMVSearcOunt
ogg_int32_t FrameQuality [6]
int GoldenFrameEnabled
ogg_int32_t HalfPixelRef2Offset [9]
signed char HalfPixelXOffset [9]
signed char HalfPixelYOffset [9]
signed char InterCodeCount
int InterPrediction
ogg_uint32_t InterTripOutThresh
ogg_int64_t KeyFrameCount
ogg_uint32_t * LastCodedErrorScore
ogg_uint32_t LastEndSB
ogg_uint32_t LastFrameSize
ogg_uint32_t LastKeyFrame
ogg_uint32_t LastKeyFrameSize
ogg_uint32_t lastrun
ogg_uint32_t lastval
ogg_uint32_t MaxBitTarget
ogg_int32_t MaxConsDroppedFrames
double MaxRecFactor
unsigned char MBCodingMode
ogg_int32_t min_blocks_per_frame
ogg_uint32_t MinImprovementForFourMV
ogg_uint32_t MinImprovementForNewMV
ogg_uint32_t * ModeList
ogg_uint32_t ModeListCount
int MotionCompensation
ogg_int32_t MotionScore
ogg_uint32_t MotionVectorSearchCount
ogg_uint32_t MVChangeFactor
unsigned char MVEnabled
ogg_uint32_t MvListCount
ogg_uint32_t MvMaxExtent
ogg_int32_t MVOffsetX [MAX_SEARCH_SITES]
ogg_int32_t MVOffsetY [MAX_SEARCH_SITES]
ogg_int32_t MVPixelOffsetY [MAX_SEARCH_SITES]
ogg_int32_t MVSearchSteps
oggpack_buffer * oggbuffer
ogg_int32_t OptimisedTokenCount
unsigned char * OptimisedTokenList
ogg_uint32_t * OptimisedTokenListEb
unsigned char * OptimisedTokenListHi
unsigned char * OptimisedTokenListPl
ogg_int16_t * OriginalDC
int packetflag
unsigned char * PartiallyCodedFlags
unsigned char * PartiallyCodedMbPatterns
ogg_uint32_t PriorKeyFrameDistance [KEY_FRAME_CONTEXT]
ogg_uint32_t PriorKeyFrameSize [KEY_FRAME_CONTEXT]
double ProportionRecBlocks
double QTargetModifier [Q_TABLE_SIZE]
Q_LIST_ENTRY * quantized_list
int readyflag
int RecoveryBlocksAdded
ogg_int32_t RecoveryMotionScore
ogg_uint32_t RegulationBlocks
ogg_uint32_t ResidueLastEndSB
ogg_uint32_t RunHuffIndex
ogg_uint32_t * RunHuffIndices
ogg_uint32_t RunLength
ogg_uint32_t RunPlaneIndex
ogg_uint32_t TempBitCount
ogg_uint32_t ThisFrameTargetBytes
int ThisIsFirstFrame
int ThisIsKeyFrame
ogg_int32_t ThreshMapThreshold
ogg_int32_t TokensCoded
ogg_int32_t TokensToBeCoded
ogg_uint32_t tot_bytes_old
ogg_int64_t TotalByteCount
ogg_int32_t TotalMotionScore
double TotErrScore
ogg_int64_t TotKeyFrameBytes
ogg_uint32_t TotTokenCount
unsigned char * UncodedMbFlags

Detailed Description

Definition at line 498 of file codec_internal.h.

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