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Public Attributes

PP_INSTANCE Struct Reference

#include <codec_internal.h>

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Public Attributes

double AbsDiff_ScoreMultiplierTable [256]
signed char * BarBlockMap
ogg_uint32_t BlockSgcThresh
ogg_uint32_t BlockThreshold
unsigned char * ChLocals
ogg_int32_t ChLocalsCircularBufferSize
unsigned char * FragDiffPixels
ogg_uint32_t * FragScores
ogg_uint32_t GrpHighSadThresh
ogg_uint32_t GrpLowSadThresh
unsigned char HFragPixels
int HighChange
ogg_uint32_t KFIndicator
int LevelThresh
unsigned char LineSearchTripTresh
unsigned char MaxLineSearchLen
ogg_uint32_t ModifiedGrpHighSadThresh
ogg_uint32_t ModifiedGrpLowSadThresh
int NegHighChange
int NegLevelThresh
int NegSrfThresh
unsigned char NoiseScoreBoostTable [256]
ogg_uint32_t NoiseSupLevel
ogg_uint32_t OutputBlocksUpdated
int PAKEnabled
unsigned char * PixelChangedMap
ogg_int32_t PixelMapCircularBufferSize
unsigned char * PixelScores
ogg_int32_t PlaneHeight
ogg_int32_t PlaneHFragments
ogg_int32_t PlaneStride
ogg_int32_t PlaneVFragments
ogg_int32_t PlaneWidth
signed char * PrevFragments [MAX_PREV_FRAMES]
ogg_uint32_t PrevFrameLimit
ogg_uint32_t PrimaryBlockThreshold
ogg_int32_t * RowChangedPixels
signed char * SameGreyDirPixels
signed char * ScanDisplayFragments
ogg_uint32_t ScanFrameFragments
ogg_uint32_t ScanHFragments
ogg_uint32_t * ScanPixelIndexTable
ogg_uint32_t ScanUVPlaneFragments
ogg_uint32_t ScanVFragments
ogg_uint32_t ScanYPlaneFragments
ogg_int32_t SgcLevelThresh
ogg_uint32_t SgcThresh
unsigned char SgcThreshTable [512]
ogg_int32_t SRFColThresh
ogg_int32_t SRFGreyThresh
unsigned char SrfPakThreshTable [512]
int SrfThresh
unsigned char SrfThreshTable [512]
ogg_int32_t SuvcLevelThresh
signed char * TmpCodedMap
unsigned char * UPlanePtr0
unsigned char * UPlanePtr1
double UVBlockThreshCorrection
ogg_uint32_t UVFramePixels
double UVSgcCorrection
unsigned char VFragPixels
ogg_uint32_t VideoUPlaneStride
ogg_uint32_t VideoUVPlaneHeight
ogg_uint32_t VideoUVPlaneWidth
ogg_uint32_t VideoVPlaneStride
ogg_uint32_t VideoYPlaneHeight
ogg_uint32_t VideoYPlaneStride
ogg_uint32_t VideoYPlaneWidth
unsigned char * VPlanePtr0
unsigned char * VPlanePtr1
ogg_uint32_t YFramePixels
unsigned char * YPlanePtr0
unsigned char * YPlanePtr1
ogg_int16_t * yuv_differences
ogg_int32_t YuvDiffsCircularBufferSize
double YUVPlaneCorrectionFactor

Detailed Description

Decode Post-Processor instance

Definition at line 119 of file codec_internal.h.

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