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Public Attributes

theora_info Struct Reference

#include <theora.h>

List of all members.

Public Attributes

ogg_uint32_t aspect_denominator
ogg_uint32_t aspect_numerator
void * codec_setup
theora_colorspace colorspace
int dropframes_p
ogg_uint32_t fps_denominator
ogg_uint32_t fps_numerator
ogg_uint32_t frame_height
ogg_uint32_t frame_width
ogg_uint32_t height
int keyframe_auto_p
ogg_int32_t keyframe_auto_threshold
ogg_uint32_t keyframe_data_target_bitrate
ogg_uint32_t keyframe_frequency
ogg_uint32_t keyframe_frequency_force
ogg_uint32_t keyframe_mindistance
ogg_int32_t noise_sensitivity
ogg_uint32_t offset_x
ogg_uint32_t offset_y
theora_pixelformat pixelformat
int quality
int quick_p
ogg_int32_t sharpness
int target_bitrate
unsigned char version_major
unsigned char version_minor
unsigned char version_subminor
ogg_uint32_t width

Detailed Description

Theora bitstream info. Contains the basic playback parameters for a stream, corresponds to the initial 'info' header packet.

Encoded theora frames must be a multiple of 16 is size; this is what the width and height members represent. To handle other sizes, a crop rectangle is specified in frame_height and frame_width, offset_x and offset_y. The offset and size should still be a power of 2 to avoid chroma sampling shifts.

Frame rate, in frames per second is stored as a rational fraction. So is the aspect ratio. Note that this refers to the aspect ratio of the frame pixels, not of the overall frame itself.

see the example code for use of the other parameters and good default settings for the encoder parameters.

Definition at line 118 of file theora.h.

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