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void theora_comment_add_tag ( theora_comment tc,
char *  tag,
char *  value 

Add a comment to an initialized theora_comment structure.

tcA previously initialized theora comment structure
tagA null-terminated string containing the tag associated with the comment.
valueThe corresponding value as a null-terminated string

Neither theora_comment_add() nor theora_comment_add_tag() support comments containing null values, although the bitstream format supports this. To add such comments you will need to manipulate the theora_comment structure directly.

Definition at line 39 of file comment.c.

References theora_comment_add(), and theora_comment_add_tag().

Referenced by theora_comment_add_tag().

  char *comment=_ogg_malloc(strlen(tag)+strlen(value)+2); /* +2 for = and \0 */
  strcpy(comment, tag);
  strcat(comment, "=");
  strcat(comment, value);
  theora_comment_add(tc, comment);

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