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int theora_encode_packetout ( theora_state t,
int  last_p,
ogg_packet *  op 

Request the next packet of encoded video. The encoded data is placed in a user-provided ogg_packet structure.

tA theora_state handle previously initialized for encoding.
last_pwhether this is the last packet the encoder should produce.
opAn ogg_packet structure to fill. libtheora will set all elements of this structure, including a pointer to encoded data. The memory for the encoded data is owned by libtheora.
Return values:
0No internal storage exists OR no packet is ready
-1The encoding process has completed

Definition at line 33 of file encoder_disabled.c.

References OC_DISABLED, and theora_encode_packetout().

Referenced by theora_encode_packetout().

  return OC_DISABLED;

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