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theora_info Struct Reference
[Legacy pre-1.0 C API]

#include <theora.h>

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Detailed Description

Theora bitstream info. Contains the basic playback parameters for a stream, corresponding to the initial 'info' header packet.

Encoded theora frames must be a multiple of 16 in width and height. To handle other frame sizes, a crop rectangle is specified in frame_height and frame_width, offset_x and * offset_y. The offset and size should still be a multiple of 2 to avoid chroma sampling shifts. Offset values in this structure are measured from the upper left of the image.

Frame rate, in frames per second, is stored as a rational fraction. Aspect ratio is also stored as a rational fraction, and refers to the aspect ratio of the frame pixels, not of the overall frame itself.

See examples/encoder_example.c for usage examples of the other paramters and good default settings for the encoder parameters.

Definition at line 216 of file theora.h.

Public Attributes

ogg_uint32_t aspect_denominator
ogg_uint32_t aspect_numerator
void * codec_setup
theora_colorspace colorspace
int dropframes_p
ogg_uint32_t fps_denominator
ogg_uint32_t fps_numerator
ogg_uint32_t frame_height
ogg_uint32_t frame_width
ogg_uint32_t height
int keyframe_auto_p
ogg_int32_t keyframe_auto_threshold
ogg_uint32_t keyframe_data_target_bitrate
ogg_uint32_t keyframe_frequency
ogg_uint32_t keyframe_frequency_force
ogg_uint32_t keyframe_mindistance
ogg_int32_t noise_sensitivity
ogg_uint32_t offset_x
ogg_uint32_t offset_y
theora_pixelformat pixelformat
int quality
int quick_p
ogg_int32_t sharpness
int target_bitrate
unsigned char version_major
unsigned char version_minor
unsigned char version_subminor
ogg_uint32_t width

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