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theora.h File Reference

#include <stddef.h>
#include <ogg/ogg.h>
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struct  theora_comment
struct  theora_info
struct  theora_state
struct  yuv_buffer


#define OC_BADHEADER   -20
#define OC_BADPACKET   -24
#define OC_DISABLED   -11
#define OC_DUPFRAME   1
#define OC_EINVAL   -10
#define OC_FAULT   -1
#define OC_IMPL   -23
#define OC_NEWPACKET   -25
#define OC_NOTFORMAT   -21
#define OC_VERSION   -22
theora_control() codes
#define TH_ENCCTL_SET_SPLEVEL   (14)
#define TH_ENCCTL_SETUP_VBR   (16)
#define TH_ENCCTL_SETUP_CQI   (18)


typedef struct theora_comment theora_comment


enum  theora_colorspace { OC_CS_UNSPECIFIED, OC_CS_ITU_REC_470M, OC_CS_ITU_REC_470BG, OC_CS_NSPACES }
enum  theora_pixelformat { OC_PF_420, OC_PF_RSVD, OC_PF_422, OC_PF_444 }


void theora_clear (theora_state *t)
void theora_comment_add (theora_comment *tc, char *comment)
void theora_comment_add_tag (theora_comment *tc, char *tag, char *value)
void theora_comment_clear (theora_comment *tc)
void theora_comment_init (theora_comment *tc)
char * theora_comment_query (theora_comment *tc, char *tag, int count)
int theora_comment_query_count (theora_comment *tc, char *tag)
int theora_control (theora_state *th, int req, void *buf, size_t buf_sz)
int theora_decode_header (theora_info *ci, theora_comment *cc, ogg_packet *op)
int theora_decode_init (theora_state *th, theora_info *c)
int theora_decode_packetin (theora_state *th, ogg_packet *op)
int theora_decode_YUVout (theora_state *th, yuv_buffer *yuv)
int theora_encode_comment (theora_comment *tc, ogg_packet *op)
int theora_encode_header (theora_state *t, ogg_packet *op)
int theora_encode_init (theora_state *th, theora_info *ti)
int theora_encode_packetout (theora_state *t, int last_p, ogg_packet *op)
int theora_encode_tables (theora_state *t, ogg_packet *op)
int theora_encode_YUVin (theora_state *t, yuv_buffer *yuv)
ogg_int64_t theora_granule_frame (theora_state *th, ogg_int64_t granulepos)
int theora_granule_shift (theora_info *ti)
double theora_granule_time (theora_state *th, ogg_int64_t granulepos)
void theora_info_clear (theora_info *c)
void theora_info_init (theora_info *c)
int theora_packet_isheader (ogg_packet *op)
int theora_packet_iskeyframe (ogg_packet *op)
ogg_uint32_t theora_version_number (void)
const char * theora_version_string (void)

Detailed Description

The libtheora C API.

Definition in file theora.h.

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