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A complete image buffer for an uncompressed frame. The chroma planes may be decimated by a factor of two in either direction, as indicated by th_info::pixel_fmt. The width and height of the Y' plane must be multiples of 16. They may need to be cropped for display, using the rectangle specified by th_info::pic_x, th_info::pic_y, th_info::pic_width, and th_info::pic_height. All samples are 8 bits.

The term YUV often used to describe a colorspace is ambiguous. The exact parameters of the RGB to YUV conversion process aside, in many contexts the U and V channels actually have opposite meanings. To avoid this confusion, we are explicit: the name of the color channels are Y'CbCr, and they appear in that order, always. The prime symbol denotes that the Y channel is non-linear. Cb and Cr stand for "Chroma blue" and "Chroma red", respectively.

Definition at line 168 of file codec.h.

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